Monday, October 27, 2008

Lapitekk nukule / Quilt for a Doll

Mul oli juba ammu plaan, et teen tütre nukkudele ka ühe väikese tekikese aga nagu öeldakse "kingsepal pole kingi ja õmblejal kleiti". Nii see venis ja venis ja tehtud ei saanud kuidagi. Nüüd, tänu Nodsule sain ikka tehtud:
lapitekk nukule, siin on tegemise õpetus
See on nüüd nii populaarne asi! Mõlemad üritavad selle tekinatukesega end magama sättida. Ja istuvad selle otsas kui multikaid vaatavad. Pean vist teise veel tegema.
I made a small blanket for my daughters dolls. Here are instruction. 
This simple thing is so popular now in our house! 


Donna said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. You have lovely children. I tried to read the one of your family, and home but I could not get it to translate.

Ise Hakanud Lillekasvataja said...

Thank You to visiting my blogs! I reading your blog too. It is allso good reading material.

catzgarden said...

Hi, from California -

I think your blog is great - I'm 1/2 Finnish, but don't know the language, so I am very happy you are writing in English! I saw your other blog, too, which I love. You have beautiful pictures - kids and kittens, especially.

I will continue to follow your blogs - keep up the good work!


Ise Hakanud Lillekasvataja said...

OOOOOO, thank You! Come again!

Anonymous said...

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